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When you become someone else, even for just for a scene, you feel liberated from the all the cruel burdens of the world.

I don’t believe any other work allows you this luxury. Probably, this aspect of acting attracts me the most.  Being able to transfer into something that you have never experienced or you never want experience it again, gives complete different perspective about people or sometimes about yourself.

However, the craft of acting require lot of practice to reach that level of liberation. People say acting is all about talent. You are born with it. But I believe like another craft it is learnable.  Just requires you to put hard yards.

And this thought was common among the legendary guru of acting like Konstantin Stanislavsky, lee Strasberg, Sanford Meisner, Stella Adler, Uta Hagen and many more. They believed acting can be taught and can be learned. From this where the term method acting was originated. Whatever kind of acting you do, it has method to it. So, according to me all kind of acting is method acting to me.

For a student of acting like me, it’s on me to find what method works for me,  or what method brings out the required reaction in me.

What you will get out of this website?

This blog is all about those methods or tips or techniques or tools that are available for us to choose. As I am still learning, I will share my experience with all the tools and tell you which works for me and which not. I will go through all that is learnable and useable for us as actors using the tools provided by legendary gurus of acting.

And I hope my experience will help you find your best tools for your method acting.