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Best Cities in Canada For Actors

If you are wondering how you can increase your chances of getting auditions while living in Canada, there are plenty of options. 

The best cities in Canada for actors are Vancouver and Toronto. Eighty percent of the film or tv projects are done in these cities. 

Let’s see why these cities are the best and what other options you can choose. 



The highest number of pilots in North America are shot in Vancouver. 

The major reason behind it is the availability of experienced crew at low prices compared to New York or LA.

Also, the exchange rate is lower compared to the dollar, so it makes sense for Hollywood to shoot their projects in Vancouver

This opens up a lot of doors for the local actors. Especially there are a lot of sci-fi projects being shot in Vancouver. 

Some notable films and tv shows here include The X-files, Supernatural, Deadpool, etc. 

You should keep an eye on the casting agencies that take projects from LA and New York. They are most of the time looking for actors playing locally. 

Playing local means, you will have to take care of your room, food, and transportation for the duration of the shooting. 

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Yes, there are local projects too. They are not as big as Hollywood, but you can start out at least. 

Also, the theater community is strong, so if you want to learn acting, you can move to Vancouver. 



Previously, only Vancouver was seen as the film and tv industry hub. But with Ontario Film Association bringing tax incentives, it opened up doors for more projects in Toronto. 

Any project looking for an alternative backdrop to New York or Detroit tends to come to Toronto. 

Some popular projects in Toronto include films like Suicide Squad and Shape of Water. Also, popular TV shows like Suits and The Umbrella Academy are done here. 

It is not just the hub for making Hollywood movies. It has popular acting schools like Toronto Film School and the Toronto Academy of Acting. 

Being in Toronto, you can audition for local and Hollywood projects too. 



If you know french, you can also try moving to Quebec. Montreal is one of the new artistic hubs of Canada. 

However, the official language being french most of the projects done here are in french. 

As a new actor, you can explore this option. It can be a great place to learn acting with many artistic opportunities like theater etc. 

You will find most of the Canadian productions in Montreal. Their budget is usually smaller than Hollywood. 

Other Cities

best canada cities for actors

In recent years the volume of tv and film production has grown in Canada. But 80 percent of the production is shared between Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal. 

The number is still low for other cities like Winnipeg, Calgary, etc. 

If you live in these smaller cities, you can try auditioning for some of these acting jobs. 

But if you are serious about making a big name for yourself, move to Vancouver or Toronto.  

Is It A Good Choice To Audition From Canada?

If you see the trend here, most of the big productions that could make your career the American production. 

They come to Canada because they can take advantage of the tax incentives and hire experienced crew within a budget. 

Even the casting agencies you will be dealing with will be American. 

So even if you audition from Canada, you will compete with the other LA or New York actors. 

So I suggest moving to LA or New York for more audition opportunities would be better. 

Yes, in the early stage, you can do it from Canada if you are a local. 

I would not suggest you move to Canada to become an actor. 

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Final Thought

If you are from Canada, moving to cities like Vancouver or Toronto would be wise for better acting opportunities. These are the best cities for actors in Canada. It is a great place for gaining experience and some credit as a beginner. Once you have that, you can move to cities like New York or Los Angeles.