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Can A Demo Reel Be A Monologue?

I understand monologues are a great way to show your acting skills but can a demo reel be a monologue? Can it show what kind of skills you have as an actor?

Here I am going to answer your questions and give you an idea about what you can include in a demo reel. 

Can A Demo Reel Be A Monologue?

There is no rule to making a demo reel. If you do not have the experience, you might not have much to include in the demo reel. In such a case, you can go for monologue as your demo reel. 

Also, submit a monologue instead of a demo reel if you know what the audition is about. Submit a monologue as per the requirement of the role. 

However, if you plan to send it to a casting agent to seek out audition opportunities, I suggest sending proper demo reels. It needs to show your complete range as an actor and all the other skills you bring to the table. 

They won’t be able to judge you based on simple monologue. 

So use monologue only when you know what the role and the casting agent are looking for. 

What Should You Not Put In A Demo Reel Instead Of Monologue?

Most of the time, a simple monologue won’t be enough as a demo reel. You will need to include a few more things:

1. Try To Get A High-quality Clip

Monologues and self-tapes are acceptable, but nothing shows your worth as an actor more than a clip of your professional work with credit. 

To get a professional clip, you should find independent projects, web shows, short films, etc. You might not get paid for these projects, but at least you will have a professional-looking clip with credit. 

Build character worksheet

To get a professional job, try to go for small projects. Try to get at least 3-4 such projects. Even if they are unpaid, just do it to make a demo reel. 

2. Get 2-3 Different Clips

A single clip won’t be able to show your talent as an actor. If you want to book different projects, include 2-3 different clips. 

Clips don’t have to be long. It should be around 30-40 seconds, not more than that. And over the length of the clip should not be more than 2-3 minutes. 

No casting director will play it for more than 2-3 minutes. 

3. Show your best work in the first 30 seconds

No matter how good you are, if the casting agent or director doesn’t see the same spark in the first 30 seconds, they might not even play the whole demo reel. 

To ensure the director watches the whole demo reel, keep your best and most relevant clip in the beginning. 

Most actors tend to keep their contact and introduction 1st, but it should be last. Do not waste the first 30 seconds. 

4. Show Your Face From Start To End

In the demo reel, casting agents and managers want to see your face. 

Even if you think the scene you did is your best, if the clip doesn’t show your face enough, don’t use it. Always avoid clips that focus on another actor rather than you. 

Remember demo reel is not about showing the story. It is only about showing your acting skill, so don’t be afraid to trim it. 

5. Use Three Different Clips

When compiling clips for the demo reel, use three different clips from different projects. 

Casting people won’t waste time watching the same thing. These three clips should also have different emotions and situations.

This will show what kind of range you have as an actor.

6. Make a Demo Reel For Each Genre

Depending on the roles you want, make demo reels for different genres. 

You need to have a demo reel for drama and if you are interested in comedy, have a separate demo reel for it that includes comedy scenes of you.  

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Can A Demo Reel Be Self Tapes?

Self-tapes are mostly used for auditions, and when you regularly appear for auditions, you tend to have a lot of self-tapes. 

Can you use them for the demo reel?

I suggest avoiding self-tapes because most are shot at home and don’t look professional. 

They work for auditions because the casting agent is only concerned with your performance and the part you will play. 

With a demo reel, you show what you look like in front of a film camera and what roles you are suitable for. 

Final Thought

Invest in a demo reel if you want to make it as a professional actor. It will help you land auditions. Even if you have no experience as an actor, a quality demo reel can get you gigs.