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How Much Does An Actors Demo Reel Cost?

A quality demo reel requires an elaborate production because you need it to have a few types of scenes and monologues. For that, you would need to shoot several scenes, monologues, etc. Also, you would need a technical team to shoot it and a professional editor to compile it. So how much does an actors demo reel cost if you go for such elaborate productions? 

Even if you go with a minimalistic approach, it will cost you anything from $200-$500 per scene. If you hire a company for making an acting demo reel, they will charge around $500 per scene. 

How Much Does An Actors Demo Reel Cost?

An actor’s demo reel costs from $100-$1000 depending on how you intend to make the demo reel. There are three ways you can make the demo reel:

1. Compiling Demo Reel Scenes You Already Have

When you are compiling the footage to make your demo reel, you only need a good editor. A good editor might cost you from $100-$500 depending on the length of the demo reel. 

Some experienced editors might charge even higher. However, some amateur editors might even go as low as $50. 

On Fiverr, you will find people doing it for only $5. However, vet out a good editor before sending out footage. 

2. When You Hire Demo Reel Services

There are plenty of demo reel services near you. Just check out what they are offering. Especially, in cities like New York or Los Angeles, there is a range of companies that will help you make demo reels. 

You can hire a self-taping company to get footage for your demo reel or hire a studio to shoot entire scenes. 

The cost of hiring such companies may range from $60 per hour to $500 per scene. 

Here are some of the demo reel services in different cities for actors:

Build character worksheet

Los Angeles



San Francisco 

There are plenty more, you can search demo reel services near me on Google to find more. 

3. Collaborating With Fellow Film Makers

It’s not only actors who need a demo reel in the entertainment industry. People behind the camera like the director, cinematographer, costume designer, make-up artist, and many more need demo reels too. 

If you collaborate with such people you will be able to make a demo reel at a very low cost. 

Practically, everyone working on the demo reel would be a producer and hence the production cost will be divided among all of them. 

However, quality won’t be as good as you get with a professional demo reel company because everyone in the collaboration lacks experience. 

How Much Does it Cost a 30 Second Video? 

With demo reel company you can expect a price between $150-$1000. If you want a quality demo reel the cost may go even higher.  However, if you have the video and all you want to do is edit it, it might cost you around $60-$100. 

Can you make a demo reel yourself?

Yes, you can make a demo reel by yourself. You can write your own script and direct your own script. Also, you can ask your videographer friend to shoot it for you. 

This is probably a great way to save money on deme reel. However, you will have to spend money on equipment. 

However, from my experience, I have to say, it won’t be a match for a professional service. 

Because being an actor, we sometimes lack the technical skills required behind the camera. 

Final Thought

Creating an actor demo reel is a one-time cost, so make sure you make it the best possible version of it. If you have to spend extra, go for it. A demo reel will be a ticket for landing quality auditions.