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How To Get An Acting Agent Without Experience in 9 Different Ways?

Finding an agent with lots of credit is easy but how to get an acting agent without experience? 

You would think there is nothing to show how an agent would agree to represent you. You may be partly right but partly wrong too. You don’t have credits to show but you do have a talent and much more that you can show. 

To get an acting agent without experience you can show self-tape, demo reels, your short films, and your headshots. If the agent sees the talent, they are happy to work with you. 

Here I am going to list out the things that you can do or show to get an agent. 

How To Get An Acting Agent Without Experience?

Most of the things I am going to mention in the list are known to you but how you use it to gain an agent is the key. You will have to show your best and worst to the acting agent so that they can help you find the most suitable job. Let’s see different ways to get an acting agent:

1. Build A Killer Demo Reel

When you have no experience, it’s your talent that will take you places. The best way to attract agents towards your talent is to make a great-looking demo reel. 

Shoot a few scenes of your choice with the help of your director friends or hire a professional videographer if you have a budget. 

With the help of an editor, compile them into a 2-3 minute demo reel. Make sure the demo reel has different types of scenes with you playing different characters. 

When an agent sees you in a different character, it shows him or her that you can fit in almost all kinds of roles. And this will open a lot of audition possibilities for you compared to an actor who fits in one or two types of characters. 

How do you send out demo reels to an acting agent you don’t know?

Build character worksheet

Most of the professional agents are open for communication because they are constantly looking for new talent to add to their portfolio. 

So go directly to the agent’s office and get the details like email or phone number. You can check out the website too if they have one. 

2. Make Powerful Headshot

To accompany the demo reel you can send your resume and headshots. Much like a demo reel, get different headshots that show what you look like. 

Since the acting agent has not seen you personally they would want to see your headshots when you are dropping your portfolio at their office. So always include a couple of headshots in your portfolio

If you want you can hire a professional photographer for a headshot or ask your friend who is good with cameras to click a few headshots for you. 

What kind of picture should you use for a headshot?

You might already have a few pictures on your phone which look like headshots but you should only have those pictures which show exactly how you look in real life. 

Never ever send edited or filtered photos as headshots for acting. 

Acting agents want to see what you look like without makeup or little makeup so that they can get you the best possible auditions for you. 

I suggest sending colored headshots with a few variations to the acting agent so that he or she can judge you properly if you have never met them. 

3. Upload And Share Everything Online

As social media has become an integral part of actors’ lives, casting agents tend to look for the talents only. 

Especially new acting agents are always scouring Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook to spot a talent they can represent. id

I suggest creating a Youtube channel where you can upload your performances like self-tape auditions, acting practice videos, monologues, etc. 

Share these videos on other social media platforms and ask your, followers, to share them. Especially share your videos on Facebook groups for actors and casting agents. There you have a good chance of getting noticed by an acting agent. 

Another must-have option is to have an actor website

With the help of the website, you will be able to bring social media, youtube, Instagram, and Facebook altogether. 

You can directly showcase your videos and photos on your website. So if an agent wants to see them, he or she can access it directly from the website without having to go to different platforms to see the complete portfolio. 

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4. Invite Agents To Your Showcases

When you have no professional experience, the best way to show your skills is by performing in front of them. 

Connect with all the actor friends who like you are looking for an acting agent and produce a play among yourselves. 

All of you can pitch in and produce a play. It doesn’t have to be an extensive production. Try to make it at a minimum cost. 

Also, collaborate with the aspiring directors and writer friends to help you with the technicality of the play. 

It can be a 20-30 minute play for an invited audience. Do not charge any fee just make a list of acting agents and send them an invite for the play. 

Most of the agents are happy to come as they have a chance of discovering new talent for their portfolio. 

Even if you don’t find an acting agent after the play, you have experience of a play that you can use in the future as a reference to find more work or agents. 

5. Try To Get Small Roles

The issue here is your experience. So why not eliminate it by getting a job. 

I know without an agent how are you going to get a job?

You might not get a big role in a movie or show but you can get roles in independent films, theater productions, and short films where they hire actors directly. 

In these projects pay might be low or won’t draw a huge audience but at least you will have the credit or work experience that you desire.

If the project gets some critical acclaim, a few agents might notice your work and may offer to work for you. 

Yes, the chance of all these happening is small but at least with your work you are putting yourself out there for agents to see. 

6. Connecting Them On Social Media

Almost all of the casting agents have social media where they put out information like casting calls etc. and also they tend to use social media as a tool to find new tools. 

But before you use this method make sure you have a good-looking acting profile on social as well as an acting website.

Try to find as many profiles of acting agents. Usually, by doing a simple search “ agent for actors or acting agent” on social media you will be able to find some good profiles. 

Or you can collect the social media information from their office which is easily available. 

When you have the profiles don’t just spam them with links to your portfolio. They will never answer. 

I suggest making a connection with them. 

Usually, a mutual friend is a great help. You can ask an actor friend who already has an agent for reference. 

So you can message him or her using your friend’s reference. This way you might get a positive response from them. Once they start replying to your messages or are happy to connect with you, you can drop your portfolio with them and ask them if they can help you out as an agent?

However, if you have no reference, you can simply message them introducing yourself and telling them how they found their profile. Don’t tell them you found it on Google search. Tell them you have been to their office and found the contact there. 

This shows you are serious about acting.

Not all will reply to your messages but whoever replies just introduce yourself as an actor and ask them if you can send your portfolio to them. If they oblige, just send it. 

7. Audition, Audition, And Audition…

Another good way to find an agent is to go on as many auditions as possible. Plenty of open auditions happen every day. And most of them are conducted by acting agents on behalf of casting agencies. 

So if you go for such additions, you will be in the database of the acting agent as well as the casting agency. 

And if you leave an impression with the agent, he or she might even get you into other auditions too. Or he or she might offer to be your agent.

So keep an eye out for these kinds of open auditions. 

8. Let People Know

Most of the time your friend, family, or acquaintance will get you the lead. 

But that happens only if you let them know what you’re looking for. 

Let everyone know you are looking for an acting agent. 

Whenever you meet your actor friends or anyone from show business, tell them you are looking for an agent. And if they know someone or have some lead, it would be a real help. 

You can also post the same on Facebook groups for actors. And also leave a link to your portfolio website for them to see. 

Also when you go to any auditions, connect with other actors and inform them about your requirements. 

It might happen that a person you have met a few days ago might find an agent looking for an agent and he or she remembers how you mentioned you’re looking for an acting agent. And he or she might give your number to the agent.     

9. Don’t Rely On Agent

Yes, you heard it right. When you have no experience it would be extremely hard to find a reliable agent but it would be somewhat easy to find a job that gives you experience. 

So rather than focusing on finding an agent, you should try focusing on finding work. 

You have to accept the fact that getting a good agent takes time. Hence, you should not wait. 

Also, the agent gets auditions, not jobs. 

Even many acting agents suggest new actors should focus on getting creditable jobs first. 

Even if it is a short film or an unpaid independent film or show, you will have a credit which you can show to any agent.

Without any credit or work, agents won’t be able to judge your ability. 

Final Thought

You have to understand, getting an acting agent without experience is all about showing your talent. If you have what it takes, one way or another some acting agent will approach you.