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Should I move to LA for acting?

Planning to move to Los Angeles for acting so that you can improve the odds of becoming an actor? 

Wise move but does it actually improve the odds?

Will start landing roles as soon you hit the LA?

Here I am going to help you out with the right answer to the question of should I move to LA for acting. 

So, Should I Move To LA For Acting?

To answer your question, you should move to LA for acting only when you are ready. 

Being ready means, you should have enough experience and training in acting. Without this, you will be like a kid trying to ride a bicycle for the first time.

Also, LA being the heart of the entertainment Industry you will be going against hundred of thousand of actors who have a quite good experience. 

So it would be wise to go to LA only when you are in a position to compete with other trained actors. 

Moving To LA With No Acting Experience

If you plan to move to Los Angeles with no acting experience, whatever may be the reason, you can do so. But I think this move should be done to gain experience before you start auditioning. 

Here are some of the things that you should do when you are moving to Los Angeles with not much experience in acting. 

Build character worksheet

For Training

Even before you pack your bags for LA, you should find a good school or an acting coach. For the initial few months or even a year, you should just spend training in art of acting

The good thing is La is full of acting classes and schools. 

Depending on the time and money you can choose one school and join it. 

During this period I advise you to just focus on learning to act and building connections. Once you are finished with this you can start auditioning for parts. 

For Work Experience

LA being an entertainment hub, there are so many projects going on that you can gain some exposure as an actor. 

If you have some training you can start looking for good Independent projects. Getting into these projects is easier than going for a big commercial project. 

Yes, the pay is low but you will be able to make some connections as well as you will have credit. 

This helps you get better projects or get you signed for a casting agency.

For Portfolio

If you do not have a quality demo reel to show, connecting with other budding filmmakers or actors will help you make one. 

Budding filmmakers need actors for their demo reel and actors to need someone to make their demo reel. For both, it’s a win-win situation.

But for that, you need to go to a place like LA where you can find such talents. 

Moving to LA is advantageous for this reason. 

How To Move To LA For Acting?

When you have the right reason to move, the next question is how to move to LA? There are a lot of factors to consider when you are planning to move to LA. Here I am going to list these factors that an actor must consider when moving to LA. 

Audition or Acting Classes

When you are picking the area in LA, make sure you are picking a house that is near to casting agencies. This will allow you to reduce the commute time and attend most of the audition. 

And if you plan to move to La for acting classes, make sure it is close to the acting institute. 


If you are a budding actor, it is quite possible you might have a limited budget. Based on the budget you can narrow down some areas. Here are some of the popular areas for actors based on the budget:

West Hollywood – This is popular among the young actors because it gives a lot of nearby places of entertainment, nightlife, and clubs. It is good if you want to focus on networking. However, it has properties that fetch rent around $1100-1600. 

East LA- This area includes areas like Silver Lake, Echo Park, etc. These are some great areas if you have a budget lower than $1000. 

North Hollywood- If you are really worried about the budget and cost of living, I suggest choosing places just outside the city. These areas cost around $600-$1000. However, you will have to account for the time and money it costs to commute. 

Traveling For Auditions

You want to ensure that you choose an area that is near to public transport like subways. I feel traveling in Los Angeles is much cheaper if you take subways everywhere. Renting a car is an option but it would be cost-effective if you have someone to share the fare with. 

And if you are leaving at a place which is nearby the area where most of the auditions take place, it would be a great option. It would cut down your traveling expense to great extent. 

I suggest finding someplace in Hollywood, Burbank, Studio City, Santa Monica, or Culver City. These are some of the popular spots for auditions. 

Best Places For Actors In LA

Though I have provided some of the info on where to live in LA if you want to be an actor let me give you a complete comparison of a different neighborhood in La which is suitable for actors. 

NeighborhoodRent (1bhk)Public TransportationAudition Opportunities
Sherman Oaks$1,400-$1,900Bus linesMany
Studio City$1,100-$1,500Bus LinesNear Universal Studios
North Hollywood$1,100-$1,300Metro, Bus LinesNot Much
Burbank$1,500-$1,900Bus Lines, Freeway AccessClose to major studios
West Hollywood$1,600-$2,500Metro, Bus LinesMany
Los Feliz$1,400-$1,800Bus LinesSome Auditions
Silver Lake$1,500-$1,800Bus Lines, Metro AccessGreat For Musicians
Hollywood$1,200-$1,700Bus Lines, Metro AccessFar from popular auditions
Glendale$1,200-$1,600Bus LinesTravel to Burbank auditions
Koreatown$1,200-$1,600Bus LinesFar From audition hubs

Also, Look at the other Best places for actors in US if you plan to move to other cities other than LA.

Final Talk

Use your best judgment and know where you are in life. You should weigh in if this move will help you as an actor or burden you? Choose the right time to move to LA for acting.