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How to choose acting scripts for auditions?

Most of the time you get the script from the casting agency. But sometimes, they may ask you to perform something of your own. That’s when having right acting scripts for auditions prepared is of great advantage.

I could say from experience, that sometimes is generally, a callback. In callbacks, they want to see more of you before taking a final decision.

So, it becomes a necessity to have something prepared. I always keep two or three monologues prepared for such instances.

Actually I keep working on new monologue or a scene that I can use in auditions. I like to use a site called It is a really cool site for actors, you can get any kind of material – plays, monologues, scenes etc. (click here to visit the website).

In this post, we will discuss how can you can pick right acting scripts for auditions and take advantage of the presented opportunity.

What Kind of Acting Scripts For Auditions is Perfect?

In my experience, I have seen many actors doing audition scripts that are extreme. I mean, they do a highly dramatic scene for the audition.

Doing a highly dramatic scene is not bad, but most of the time, they seem one dimensional. If your scene is about anger, the whole scene is about being barraging your co-actor in loud voice. If it’s about being sad, its all about crying.

I believe you must choose acting scripts for auditions, that have variations. That takes you on a journey of a variety of emotions.

So, when you choose a script to consider the following factors:

1. Character

First, the script or monologue you choose for the audition must define its character. It doesn’t need to have every detail. But must give you the basic information.

Build character worksheet

Basic information must include, age, background, and his or her need in the story. This information will help you sketch out the outline of the character.

Based on the information, you will be able to decide on the costume and the make. In addition, you will be able to add some quirks or accent associated with the character.

Overall, you will be able to create a physicality of the character.

2. Stakes

You might have seen the performance, where an actor is doing an interesting piece but still somehow manages to make boring or stale. This happens because an actor has either not identified the stakes or raise the stakes to their limits.

If you observe your own life, when you are interacting with someone or other, there is always something at stake. So, why not have stakes at every scene you do.

At least, when you are auditioning, if you have a piece that has some kind of stakes, the piece will automatically become interesting.

These stakes could be anything, love, money, revenge, sex, award, or drugs.

In order to find the stakes in the monologue or scene, ask only one question,” what is that character wants, so badly?

A piece could be performed in many different ways. So, don’t be afraid to experiment with different stakes.

This is the most important to consider when you choose acting scripts for auditions.

3. Conclusion

For me, the worst thing that could go wrong in an audition is that your character doesn’t reach some conclusion.

Character always has something achieve in the scene. It doesn’t matter if he or she is able to achieve objective or not, but the scene must end only after either your character has successfully or has failed to achieve the objective.

The audience likes a closure to the story. The casting people are also your audience.

Even if you show them your best acting, but if there is no conclusion to the story, they won’t be convinced of your acting.

So, make sure to find a conclusion to your scene or monologue.

For now, these three things are enough to find the right acting scripts for auditions. As you grow as an actor, you will have a good understanding of scripts.

Are movie scripts, right?

Now its time to find a script.

Your first instinct would do a scene from your favorite movie. I would say stay away from movie scenes.

At least stay away from famous movie scenes.

I tell you why? Because famous movie scenes are too well known. Even a non-actor fan knows the scene by heart.

So, when you perform these scenes, you will be constantly compared to the original scene. Whoever is taking your audience, will constantly comparing you to the original scene.

And the worse thing is that they would expect you to perform the scene as it is. So, if you go off track or do something indifferent in the scene, they will be like, “this wasn’t in the scene!”

They won’t hesitate to label your acting as “bad acting”. Just based on the fact that you tried to do a classic scene differently.

So, ask yourself do you want to be judged on your acting skills or how do you recreate a classic scene.

Where Do You Get Acting Scripts For Auditions?

Now, if you cannot choose the movie scenes that you absolutely adore. Where do you find right acting scripts for auditions?

“I am not a writer?”

There is a number of places where you can find good acting scripts for auditions. You don’t have to be a writer to find one.

Here are the following places to find scripts for auditions:

1. Plays

The best place to find any kind of scenes are plays. The good thing about plays is that even if you pick the most classic play and the most classic scene of that play, you can do it in your own style.

If you have scene plays, you will see that same play can be performed in a number of ways. Just take an example of Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare. It is done in 100 different ways throughout the world.

If you do a scene from that play, everyone might know the script but won’t expect you to play it in a certain way. They would be interested in your take to the scene.

Classic plays are available everywhere. Go to a nearby bookstore and ask for it. Or go find plays online.

2. Ask your writer friend

This is how I find my acting scripts for an auditions. I have many friends who are aspiring directors and writers.

I tell them, write one audition script for me. If someone likes it, I will tell them that you wrote it.

This way both get something out of it.

You have to understand our industry is a collaborative industry. Without writers, we actors would have nothing to say.

So, get help from your friend writer. Do what I do. Give the offer that they can’t refuse.

3. Buy it from someone

If you don’t know any good writer friend or you want a good professionally written monologue, then you can find a writer you have a good amount of experience.

You can ask around in the industry. You will find good writers.

Another good place is to find writers online. There is a number of freelancer sites like Fiverr, Freelancer, Upwork etc.

There is this very good website called You can buy an originally written monologue, scenes or plays of any genre.

I can’t say much about the cost but more experience the writer, higher will the rates.

4. Write it on your own

Yes, if you have never written anything, it would be tough. But like any skill, with practice, you can improve.

Let me tell you having the practice to write dialogues could be a huge advantage. When you start working professionally, you will have to modify your dialogues, quite a few times because of various reason. Director will ask you to, give something of your own.

Especially, while improvising, having a good sense of creating a new version dialogue is also important.

If are the demands for an actor, then why not start the practice right from the audition?

Writing monologue is a whole another topic. But for now, let me tell you just read as many scripts as possible and try to get a sense of how dialogues are written.

Try to write at least half a page monologue every day and you will keep improving.


Audition is like an opportunity to perform in front of an audience. Never take it as a test. Speaking from my experience, whenever I thought this audition is the biggest test of my life, I always failed to perform at my best.

But when I treated any audition as an opportunity to entertain a few people. And mind you this casting people sit through a whole day, getting bored or frustrated because they are not able to find the right actor for the part.

And then you enter and just entertain them and make their day. Who do you think they will remember after the audition is over?

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