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How To Market Yourself As An Actor On Social Media?

Marketing yourself as an actor and being a brand are two different things. At the early stage of your acting career, you are looking to market yourself rather than endorse something else. 

So how to market yourself as an actor on social media?

While marketing yourself as an actor, you must choose the right platform, create a posting strategy as an actor and try to gain acting agents and filmmakers as followers.

Here I will provide the detailed process to do all these things so that you can apply it in real life. 

How To Market Yourself As An Actor On Social Media?

How To Market Yourself As An Actor On Social Media

Here I have listed four steps that will guide you to market yourself as an actor on social media. 

1. Choose The Right Social Media

The first step in this process is to identify is social media suitable for you. All individuals are different and have different needs. 

For instance, if you are looking for theater opportunities, there might not be many theater casting directors or producers on Instagram. It will be a waste of time if you plan to connect with the theme on social media. 

You must rely on the traditional person-to-person networking method to make connections. 

However, if you want to gain opportunities in movies, TV, advertisements, or web series, marketing on social media could go a long way. 

This is where I would advise you to use social media for marketing yourself. 

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2. Use Each Social Media in the Right Way

So now you have decided to market yourself on social media, but which platform to use?

There are three popular social media platforms:

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Youtube
  • TikTok

Each has advantages that could help the actor gain some traction in the entertainment industry. 

Here I have created a comparison table that will help you to understand how you can best use each platform: 

PlatformFeaturesBest Use For An Actor
Facebook Post and share info, photographs, and videos. 
Join Groups
Create Dedicated Pages
Find Auditions.
Connect with other actors. 
Share performances. 
Instagram Share photos and videosGreat for connecting with casting agents.
Great for creating the following.
Youtube Share only videosGreat for uploading self-tapes and performances. 
TikTok Share only short videosOnly for creating a fan base. 
Whatsapp Connecting with other peopleGreat for broadcasting portfolio. 

As you can see, each social media platform has its features. My recommendation is to maintain an Instagram and Youtube profile. 

Keep all your self-tape and best performance on YouTube. It will much easier to share your performances on YouTube with casting agents. 

3. Things You Should Post

What should you post on social media to market yourself as an actor? 

You have to understand when you are looking to market yourself. You are not looking to gain followers. Rather, you want to connect with casting agents, filmmakers, directors, etc. 

Anyone who can provide a job as an actor should be your target on social media. 

So the first thing you should start posting is your portfolio which includes your headshots, self-tapes, demo reel, etc. 

Here is what you should post on social media platforms:

Social Media
Instagram Post your headshots.
Post your short videos that show your acting skills.
Post any gig you might have done, like commercial or print shoots. 
Tag casting agents, casting networks, etc. 
Facebook Similar to Instagram, post your headshots and short videos. 
Join groups created by casting people and post your portfolio there. 
Follow casting agents and reply with your portfolio whenever a requirement arises. 
YouTube Upload your demo reel and auditions. 
Share the link with the casting agent when needed. 
Whatsapp Regularly broadcast your portfolio to casting agents in your contact.
Once in one or two months, you can broadcast it.
Don’t do it daily. 

Have a posting schedule and dedicate a few hours daily to connect with possible leads. Your goal should be to get an audition. 

4. Find Followers Who Can Get You Gigs

To market yourself as an actor, it is important to have the right following. There are plenty of fake IDs, fake pages, and bots.  

You want real followers who interact with you. So don’t go for the numbers. Go for the real people. 

Now the question is, what kind of followers do you want? 

When you are growing as an actor, I suggest trying to gain those people as followers who can help you land auditions or gigs. 

These followers could be casting agents, assistant casting agents, directors, producers, editors, other actors, etc. 

You want people who are from your industry and appreciate your actions. This way, you build a network that can help you get more work. 

You can do the following things to find the right followers for your social media profiles:

  • Join Film Making Groups – There are plenty of film-making groups where budding directors, writers, producers, etc., interact. This is a great place to start.  Also, there are plenty of casting groups. You can join it and interact with different casting agents. 
  • Avoid Following Actors For Now – When you are trying to gain followers for your acting career, I suggest not accepting other to-be actors as followers. They are in the same boat as you. Looking for Auditions! Just make this a rule. Anyone who likes to stay behind the camera is a potential follower. 
  • Go To Filmmaker’s Workshops – People who take workshops tend to follow each other. But don’t do the same when you go to acting workshops. Again there you will be meeting only actors. 

By doing these three things, you will be able to gain some followers that see you as a potential actor who can work for them. 

Final Thought

Just like you work on your acting skills daily, you should also spend some time marketing yourself as an actor.