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Does Height Matter In Acting?

Actors are very particular about how they look, and height is one of the aspects that every actor thinks about. Does height matter in acting? 

Height does matter when you are looking to play a particular character, but it won’t stop you from making a career in acting. 

In this post, I will provide every detail you need if you are worried about your height. 

Does Height Matter In Acting

What Is The Best Height In Acting?

Ideally, when you are playing characters like James Bond, they are imagined to be tall. 

You can see even the actors of short stature of played such characters. 

Daniel Craig, who plays James bond, is only 5’10”.

Likewise, many actors of short stature play leading men like Tom Cruise, Johnny Depp, Kevin Hart, and many more. 

All these actors are shorter than 6 feet. 

Here I have compiled the heights of the most successful actors in recent times. 

Dwyane Johnson6′ 5″
Vin Diesel5’11
Tom Cruise5′ 7″
Johnny Depp5′ 10″
Robert Downey Jr.5′ 8″
Leonardo Dicaprio6′ 0″
Henry Cavill6′ 1″
Chris Hemsworth6′ 3″
Chris Evans6′ 0″
Hugh Jackman6′ 3″

If you take an average of all these top 10 actors in Hollywood, the average height comes down to 5′ 9″.

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This is just the case for men. 

For women, height is not a big issue unless they are taller than the leading men. But this happens in rare cases. 

Are There Ways to Look Taller on Screen?

There are many ways actors are made to look taller on screen.

There is CGI, and even the camera angle or lens can make the actor taller. If the character is supposed to look taller than another character in the scene, the director takes extra care in framing the scene. 

One of the most common methods to make the actor look taller is to keep the actor closer to the camera and position the other actor further away. 

This trick makes the actor look taller than the other actor in the scene. 

However, this trick allows the director to take only mid-close and close-up shots. 

If the director wants to make the master shot, they usually use CGI to make the actor look taller. 

Can Short Person Be An Actor?

There is no reason why you cannot be an actor if you are short. There are many examples of actors who are less than 5 and a half feet, like Kevin Hart, Dustin Hoffman, etc. 

All you have to do is find the right roles for yourself. 

Just look at someone like Peter Dinklage, who is just 4′ 5″. But he found the right role of Tyrion Lannister in Game of Thrones, which made him one of the most celebrated actors. 

I believe if you have the right acting agent, he or she will help you find the right audition. So don’t worry about your height. Just focus on your acting skills, and you will be fine. 

Does Height Matter In Theater?

Like on camera, even for the theater, height only matters when you are concerned with casting. 

No one will reject you if you are a few inches short of six feet. 

Unlike movies, the theater is a medium where the audience can see the actual height.
So production will cast the right actor for the right part. 

If the part requires the actor to be taller, they will go for the taller actor. 

So it is wise to audition for the part which is physically suitable for you. 

Read the character description or ask the casting agent if your height suits the character. After that, you can send your portfolio for the audition

Final Thought

The industry has various roles for all kinds of people, so you should not think too much about height. The height does not matter in acting unless until character demands it. Just focus on finding the right audition and on your acting skills.